About Me

I'm a musician, game developer, artist, programmer, problem solver, writer, award winning dice thrower, sandwich lover, and unabashed troublemaker.

Music-wise, I've written and produced a wide range of songs from downbeat industrial to hard rock to happy bubble candy pop, and everything in between. Somebody once told me I can sing, too.

My career in video games started when I was hired as one of the original ten employees at the then tiny startup Tiburon Entertainment (EA Tiburon), doing sprite work and font design for SNES and Genesis games. It's been twenty-three years since then and I'm still bleeding all over mice and keyboards to make cutting edge games and software for EA, Midway, Sony, Activision, Take Two Interactive, and my own company, How in the World/Ripened Peach.

This is my site, because it has my name on it, right up there, and I guess it's a thing people do. Enjoy.

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Some of My Traditional and Digital Art

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